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ENTity Fiberoptic Mobile FEES System

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ENTity Fiberoptic Mobile FEES System


Contact SEC Medical today, to learn more about the Optim Mobile FEES System, including a 1-Day Equipment Training, by our SLP FEES Specialists.

“The SEC team made the entire process, purchase to set-up, a complete breeze. After multiple check-ins to ensure that the equipment arrived to the correct place and on time, Kay flew out and provided dedicated time to making sure the equipment was set-up and running properly. SECs devotion allowed me to be able to continue performing my job without any interruptions.”

-Stephanie Knollhoff, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Assistant Professor

Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education

Utah State University

ENTity™ Fiberoptic Mobile FEES System
Leading Clinical Performance. Optimal User Simplicity. Proven Support.

Optim is leading the way in providing portable swallowing diagnostics for the Speech-Language pathology community.

Designed to optimize the freedom to perform the Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) procedure in a variety of settings, the ENTity™ MobileFEES system enables procedures from patient bedside, to office settings, or throughout the hospital.

The ENTity MobileFEES system is the optimal choice for nursing homes, rehabilitation, hospitals, clinics and independent Speech Language Pathologists.

The ENTity™ MobileFEES advantage

High Performance Diagnostics
ENTity powered imaging and illumination, the MobileFEES system begins with the innovative ENTity Flexible Laryngoscope, with high quality optics and no light cables or light boxes required.

Simple & MobileIdeal for bedside or room-to-room needs
The system includes a specialized, custom portable carrying case allowing the system to be brought directly to the patient with ease, enhancing patient diagnostics and patient comfort.

Easy Diagnostics Software and Reports
MobileFEES system operates a Windows-based software with FEES report templates that allows users to capture still images, as well as record streaming video, providing documentation that can be easily printed or shared.  There are various options for storage and is also EMR compatible.

Proven Support
MobileFEES users receive onsite equipment training and software installation guidance from Optim’s clinical FEES support team. Optim delivers a combination of clinical support, technical customer service, and broad after-install support.

Two Options
The MobileFEES System can utilize both the ENTity XL flexible laryngoscope, a standard 3.6mm for traditional anatomy, or the ENTity SDXL with a slim, small 2.7mm diameter for patients with smaller or more difficult anatomy.

Stroboscopy Addition Now Available
Optim’s ENTity VL Stroboscopy System can now be added to the MobileFEES System for easy-to-use, cost-effect stroboscopy exams.

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