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FEES On-Site Clinical Competency Training

An in-house implementation of the FEES clinical competency training program.

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FEES On-Site Clinical Competency Training


The on-site facility implementation of the FEES Clinical Competency Training Program, is offered for a Four to Five-Day clinical training. WE COME TO YOU! The amount of days determined, is based on the speech language pathologists, clinical experience with FEES. Should you have performed recent passes, that are signed-off by a speech language pathologist, skilled FEES trainer, then those passes may be included in the training. For competency trainings, as prerequisite, we strongly suggest clinicians have participated in a Two-Day Introductory FEES Course. For further information and our program outline, please contact us today!

“Should you be looking for a high quality, hands-on FEES clinical competency training program, SEC Medical is it! We utilized SEC Medical for their 5 day professional course to train 6 Speech-Language Pathologists for implementation of our FEES program in our Acute Care hospital. The coordination with our facility was exceptional to pull off a very successful educational program with personalized training, FEES passes with volunteers and inpatients and management of the scope with Infection Prevention and Respiratory Therapy. All 6 staff successfully completed their competency training and we are now over 114 FEES procedures and going strong! Thank you SEC Medical for your expertise and partnership.”

-Ann O’Donnell, PT

Director, Physical Medicine

Methodist Charlton Medical CentER

Onsite Facility FEES Clinical Competency Learning Outcomes:

  • Complete a sufficient amount of FEES passes, with normal and disordered swallowing patients

  • A minimum of 25 passes will be performed by each participant

  • We will facilitate your new FEES program in the ICU inpatient & outpatient setting(s)

  • Understanding of normal and abnormal aerodigestive physiology for respiration, airway protection, and swallow

  • Work with your facility for infection control, FEES policies & procedures, and I.T. (information technology) for equipment