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FEES Added Passes Advanced Training

Conducted onsite, SEC Medical offers advance didactic training. Are you requiring more experience with documentation, FEES passes and more? We are able to customize your needs related to an advanced FEES training. Inform us of your clinical requirements, and SEC Medical will recommend the course, that will be most beneficial for your hospital or group. 

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FEES Added Passes Advanced Training


ASHA suggests that speech-language pathologists performing Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) procedures, to undergo sufficient training, to demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to perform and interpret this invasive procedure. Each clinician is ethically responsible for achieving the appropriate level of training, to provide these services competently. 

Visit for the Scope of Practice in Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation for Swallowing

“The lecturers were outstanding, and I hope that they will be offering more courses (in California) soon! “

-Marianne W

SEC Medical offers an on-site FEES Added Passes Advanced Training. The program includes the following:

  • Completion of your 25 recommended normal and disordered swallowing patient passes

  • Added practice recognizing anatomical landmarks as viewed endoscopically

  • Additional practice recognizing altered anatomy as it relates to swallowing function

  • Identify the indications and contraindications for an endoscopic exam

  • Advanced training practice identifying, the elements of a comprehensive endoscopic swallowing exam

  • Added practice detecting and interpreting, abnormal findings, in terms of the underlying anatomy

  • Treatment interventions, alter the bolus or method of delivery to determine the effect of the swallow

  • Passes are conducted with patients in your facility

  • Write, interpret and document findings in a written report

  • Operate, maintain, and disinfect the equipment required for the FEES procedure

  • How to apply anesthetic when clinically appropriate and permitted by the licensing regulations of individual state