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VIdeostroboscopy of the larynx is utilized to assess vocal fold function, motion and structure. It can be utilized to diagnose voice problems such as hoarseness, vocal strain due to excessive vocal abuse, misuse, growths, acid reflux or muscle tension dysphonia. Our Program Includes the following: 

Provides a working knowledge of this diagnostic voice procedure. Appropriate for Speech-Language Pathologists, and Otolaryngologists. The four-day clinical training program can be held at your location, with your equipment.  Videostroboscopy is an excellent add-on procedure, If you are looking to add a voice repertoire, to your swallow clinical practice, videostroboscopy is an excellent add on clinical diagnostic procedure.  

Program Reviews:

 > Normal and abnormal vocal fold structure and function
 > Gaining hands-on knowledge of actual videostroboscopy technique and equipment
 > Using rigid stroboscopy and or flexible scope
 > Report writing
 > Review of CPT codes
 > Regulatory compliance with Medicare and other payors
 > Safety and sterilization procedures
 > Videostreaming, and videoprinting are also reviewed
>  And so much more. 

Please reach out to us for further details. We also train on your videostrobe system. 
Videostroboscopy Hands-On Training with the Optim 
Portable Videostrobe System and the Optim Mobile FEES System