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Client Name
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Mease Dunedin, 
Integra Rehabilitation,                                    
New Mexico Dysphagia Specialists, LLC          
Charles E. Smith Life Communities                 
Asheville Specialty Hospital                            
Carlsbad Medical Center                                    
St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children     
Midland Memorial Hospital                              
Clear Choice Health Care, LLC                         
Hendricks Regional Health                              
DeKalb Medical Center                                    
University of Connecticut                                
Parkview Medical Center                                  
Medical Center of Arlington                             
Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital                 
Innovative Rehabilitation, LLC                          
ABD Mideast Gen. Trading,                              
Kindred Healthcare                                          
Cadence Health                                               
Thomas Jefferson Hospital                               
Advanced Dysphagia Diagnostics, LLC             
JP Dysphagia Diagnostics, LLC                         
National Rehabilitation Hospital, Inc.                
Sentara Healthcare                                            
PrimeStart Management Group, LLC                  
Speech Pathology Services of Robeson, Inc.       
UHS of Delaware, Inc.                                        
HCA Facilities throughout the country
Department of Veteran's Affairs
Baylor University                                                
Carolinas Continued Care Hospital                     
FEES Diagnostic Specialists, LLC                         
Mobile Scope PLLC                                             
​Unity Hospital
Southside Comprehensive OP a Northwell Health                                               TOO MANY TO LIST  ---- References Upon Request

Annually SEC Medical Conducts Clinical Competency Training's, for more than three hundred clinician's, both nationally and internationally. Our 2017 courses continue to excel, and our clinical specialty team grows!