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Kay A. Neilson, M.A. in Gerontology and and Elder Care Policy Management, and M.A. Ed, in Adult Education and Training    
​Founder and Owner
Ms. Neilson has over twenty-years experience in the healthcare industry. As previous President, and Owner of a clinical rehabilitation company, she has a history of developing healthcare company start-ups, with strengths in clinical outcome analysis and operations management for multi-site enterprises. She displays the creative entrepreneurial ability to take a vision, and translate it into a clinical revenue generated business. Her strengths are based upon a proven track record of financial development, system design, and implementation of educational and private practice clinical programs. Ms. Neilson works as an advocate to speech-language pathology state boards within the United States. Two key areas of focus of the company are: FEES and Videostroboscopy clinical programming, in all clinical settings. Kay has worked directly with the Office of the Inspector General in Washington, D.C., has direct line contacts with numerous Medicare Intermediaries (MAC's), and additional regulatory agencies. Ms. Neilson holds a Masters Degree from Regis University, Jesuit College in Denver, Colorado, and is a member of the national Summa Cumme Laude, Jesuit Honor Society in the United States. 

Kathleen Defalco, M.S. CCC-SLP National and International FEES and Videostroboscopy Adult and Pediatric Clinical Trainer. 
Kathleen has been a speech language pathologist in the industry for over twenty-years, and known nationally for her areas of specialty in swallowing disorders, and diagnostic procedures. Ms. Defalco trained with Jonathan Aviv, Otolaryngolist head and neck surgeon and a professor of otolarnygology at Icahn School of Medicine. Kathleen also trains speech language pathologists, with Susan Langmore, PhD, at Boston Medical Center, department of Otolaryngology, and other national locations. Kathleen was the previous owner of a pediatric and adult private practice, and also owner of a mobile medical coach, offering trainings and clinical procedures for modified barium swallows. Kathleen is currently the clinical specialist, for the Optim Mobile FEES System with Videostroboscopy portable, and the VL systems.